Testcrete’s popular construction materials testing services include: Concrete Testing, CBR Testing, Plate Bearing Tests, PLUS a wide range of Investigation and Analysis services.

When you need an independent construction materials testing service for your construction project, Testcrete introduces an easy-to-use service to suit your needs.

Will you need common construction tests and materials tests such as:

  • Concrete tests (compressive strength tests on concrete cubes, slump tests, core  tests etc)
  • CBR tests
  • Plate bearing tests
  • Soils analysis
  • Independent consultancy on your project?

For construction testing in the North of England you can use one of our construction testing laboratories, in Manchester or Near Selby, Yorkshire or hire or buy construction testing equipment from us.

You can view further information about all our materials tests and more; View our full range of construction tests or contact us directly for information relevant to your needs

The benefits of Construction Materials Testing to you;

If you’re a Civil Engineering firm, Building contractor, Concrete Product or Stone maker or work on the project management of a building project; then you may need testing to conform to your customers requirements, check safety before carrying out work and demonstrate quality. It can help you ensure that you don’t have expensive problems later, and make sure you get paid on time, and keep your customers coming back for more. Construction Materials Testing can:

  • Make your customers happy that you are reaching their expectations and conforming to standards
  • Provide reliable documentation to support the quality of your work, often necessary to  get paid by customers
  • Reduce the risk of safety hazards and costs caused by using materials and surfaces that are not fit for purpose
  • Avoid product failure or degrading at a later date

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All of our routine services are available to you across the north of England from two construction testing laboratories in Yorkshire and Manchester. If you need regular sample collection then there is often a service within your area at least once a week. We would be pleased to give you a quote for services outside these areas, subject to economic minimums. There are no geographical limitations for our specialist services such as investigation and consultation work.

We are always pleased to discuss your requirements for tests other than those listed. For further information regarding any of our services please contact us.


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